below is the tale of søren hornum.
I’m in my late twenties and have just moved back to Norway after four years of studying and
working down under in Australia. Moving to Australia four years ago to complete my bachelor of Graphic Design was an easy choice for me as a person having spent more time outside than inside Norway after I turned 18. Traveling might in fact have been one of the things that opened my eyes to design in the first place and has helped shape me as a designer as well as a person.
It is all these memories and stories from people I have met and experiences I have had that inspired me create my style of design, showing of my scandinavian heritage with clean and simple lines combined with colourfull energetic movement to represent the memories and diversity experienced from around the world.
Now back in Norway I am now looking for job where I can utilise my skills learnt through studies, internships, freelance work and as a design tutor through the last 6 years in Norway and abroad! If you are looking for a Graphic Designer with additional skills in video editing, animation and creative advertisement, please shoot me an email or check me out on social media so we can have chat about how I can help you.


(2015 - 2017) Queensland College of Art, Gold Coast: 
Tutoring classes in various courses related to Graphic Design, Creative Thinking, Creative Entrepreneurship as well as in some courses offering an introduction to animation and web and social media design.
(2015) Liveworm Gold Coast:
Working on various design briefs within branding, layout design and advertisement as well as participating in client meetings. Additional tasks included group liaison, concept developments, file management and proofreading.
(2013 - 2015) Bachelor of Digital Media with Honours:
Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus, Major Graphic Design
(2011 - 2013) Diploma of Graphic Design:
Norwegian School of Creative Arts
(2014) Overall Student Culture Award:
Queensland College of Art, Graduates 2014
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